Venture Philanthropy Partners: Investing in Social Change.

About Us


VPP works with nonprofits that are currently making a difference in the lives of more than 44,000 children and youth of low-income families in the core need areas of education, learning and healthy development. We are regionally focused in the National Capital Region—Washington DC and its immediate suburbs in Northern Virginia, and suburban Maryland. Our funding comes from an interesting, influential, and in some respects, unique group of investors.

We help our portfolio organizations’ goals become a reality. We invest in strong leaders of effective nonprofits—those we believe can transform their organizations to significantly scale their impact. VPP invests in a different way to generate high social returns. We originally applied a venture capital model for investing in nonprofits, and have refined this approach by blending it with time-proven lessons from foundations and nonprofits. We invest to build institutional strength, providing large amounts of scarce growth capital.

VPP is strategic, highly engaged, and works to become a trusted advisor to the nonprofits in which we invest—it’s much more than writing a check. We have built a strong investment capacity. Our professional team is made up of individuals with executive experience who understand how to build organizations, possess relevant domain expertise, are directed by strong leadership, and a rigorous, highly disciplined investment process.

Our approach is working—our investment partners are serving thousands more children better, have leveraged our investment for millions more dollars in resources, and are poised for even greater future impact.