There are a few things you should know about us from the start. You’ll find our heartbeat right here.

We’re focused on our own backyard.

They say home is where the heart is, and you’ll find ours deep in Greater Washington. We listen closely and learn constantly so that we better understand the struggles our young people face. It’s not about easy answers or simple solutions; we dig in and get our hands dirty. We work here and only here, because this is our home.

We are all about children and youth.

Esteemed social scientist William Julius Wilson once said, “Our overriding goal ought to be to save the children.” We couldn’t agree more. We are always asking the hard questions and investing in change-makers to find holistic solutions for the 580,000 vulnerable children and youth in Greater Washington. This is our passion. It all comes down to building a better future for our most vulnerable kids.

We are investors.

We believe investments are about partnership. We walk step by step with organizations to develop leaders and realize potential at all levels. We’re a passionate group of doers and thinkers who build effectively, train continually, collaborate relentlessly, and measure meticulously. Progress comes through big dreams and detailed plans, and we specialize in both to help our partners accomplish amazing things. We invest—truly invest—to help more leaders do more good for more children and youth.

We are tireless innovators.

Philanthropy is ripe for innovation, and we’re leading the charge. We’ve taken the venture capital model of investing and put it to work for people. That means building strategic investment portfolios and networks of great organizations with tremendous potential. Isolated efforts will never be enough to solve the problems plaguing the kids in our communities. Our model allows us to tackle big, interconnected problems with big, interconnected solutions. We are always looking for what’s next.

We are VPP+Raise DC.