Venture Philanthropy Partners: Investing in Social Change.

Roshin Mathew is the Communications Director at VPP. In this role, Roshin oversees the organization’s external communication and outreach. She leads the creation and implementation of a communications strategy to achieve VPP’s priorities, while also pursuing opportunities that continue to showcase VPP as a leader in the field.

Prior to joining VPP, Roshin spent ten years honing her communication skills with the Service Employees International Union, Occidental College’s Digital Scholarship Lab, and the Center for Community Change. Her experience includes working as a campaign communicator on a variety of social justice campaigns, communicating on the expansion of Medi-Cal in California and participating in the national movement to raise the wage for fast food workers.

Roshin began her career as an Emerson National Hunger Fellow. As a fellow, she gained field experience at Chicago’s Center for Economic Progress. She enjoyed working with local childcare providers to develop and implement an evaluation guide that would ultimately improve the economic prosperity of the providers and the quality of care for the children they served. Additionally, she gained policy experience through her placement at Connect for Kids, where she focused on children, hunger and poverty.

Roshin graduated from Reed College and received a master’s degree from the University of Maryland’s School of Information.