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Investment Highlights

AppleTree is an entrepreneurial enterprise consisting of a research and development institute and a public charter preschool with ten AppleTree campuses, serving as models for effective teaching and learning. AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation and AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School work together to produce and use an award-winning curriculum, teacher professional development, and school support systems. AppleTree also supports nine other community-based organizations and local education agencies using its award-winning “Every Child Ready” instructional model.

AppleTree’s mission is to close the achievement gap before children get to kindergarten, by providing three- and four-year-olds with the social, emotional, and cognitive foundations that enable them to succeed in school.



2013 – 2017 | $3,200,000


AppleTree seeks to expand the number of high-quality preschool seats in DC for three- and four-year-olds from low-income families. Growth in DC will nearly double AppleTree’s current footprint—from 640 to 1,200 low-income children served annually by March 2017.  The investment helps fuel growth by:

  • Opening new charter schools
  • Establishing partnerships with early learning providers
  • Implementing a more efficient operating structure
  • Refining and codifying its Every Child Ready instructional model
  • Implementing advocacy work to share the critical importance of high-quality early learning for at-risk children


This investment will end in March 2017. Check back later for the case study.