Investment Profile

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

Investment Highlights

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection of Prince George’s County identifies promising middle and high school students at risk of dropping out and provides them with academic support, mentoring, skills training, and the opportunity for part-time work. Students are paired with a professional youth advocate through graduation and up to two years post-high school. Full-time, school-based youth advocates serve as mentors and role models, working with students to address their individual needs and the obstacles impeding their success. Services include targeted academic supports, such as tutoring, test preparation, college readiness, academic skill building, year-round academic enrichment, and after-school programming.

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2014 – 2017 | $1,950,000


In Prince George’s County, only 71 percent of low-income students graduate on time. For those students who participate in the Hillside program and are employed by a Hillside Employment Partner, that jumps to 93%.

VPP’s investment will be used to help Hillside:

  • Expand its effective program and support system to 870 students. By the 2017 school year, Hillside will have expanded into nine of the highest-need schools in Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative zones—areas of Prince George’s County that face significant economic, health, safety and educational challenges.
  • Bring on additional staff to achieve this goal. It will recruit and hire key organizational and programmatic positions, including 20 youth advocates.
  • Broaden its network of local employers participating in the program to connect more students with quality part-time work, as well as strengthen its already sophisticated data collection and analysis systems to understand its progress and continue to learn how to best serve students.


This investment will end in March 2017. Check back later for the case study.