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Ready for Work Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative

Champions for Career- and College-Ready Graduates in Prince George’s County

The Ready for Work Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative – Cohort 1

The Ready for Work Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative, a partnership with the Prince George’s County Council, supports Strategy II of Ready for Work by building the capacity of nonprofits based in Prince George’s County. This program strengthens selected nonprofits to become organizations that can collaborate to provide support that will help young people achieve their goals.

Through this initiative, four selected nonprofits will not only be provided with the support they need to become high-performing organizations, but will also have the opportunity to practice and strengthen their grant writing, grant management and report writing skills and capacities. The four selected nonprofits are:

Fair Chance, an experienced provider of nonprofit capacity building, will co-manage the initiative and work with the nonprofits to improve organizational outcomes.

As part of the program, each organization will compete for mini-grants that they can use over a three-year period to further enhance select organizational and programmatic capacities. There will also be a particular focus on strengthening the boards of the participating organizations.

By the end of the three-year period, participating nonprofits may be invited to begin serving students in the Ready for Work high schools.

Read the press release here and watch the Ready for Work Nonprofit Capacity Building Program Cohort 1 Graduation from March 18, 2021: