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Urban Alliance

Investment Highlights

Urban Alliance empowers under-resourced youth to aspire, work, and succeed through paid internships, formal training, and mentorship.


urbanalliance_minorDATES & AMOUNT OF INVESTMENT

2012 – 2017 | $2,800,000


Based on research from the Urban Institute, Urban Alliance is the only program in the entire U.S. serving disconnected youth and at-risk high school students by combining year-round training, paid internships, mentoring and case management support. Urban Alliance’s goals are to:

  • Increase the number of low-income, high-risk youth served in the Urban Alliance High School Internship Program from the current 200 students in DC to potentially between 400 and 1000 students in Title I schools annually in Greater Washington
  • Substantially expand its alumni services programming
  • Scale the Regional dissemination of Urban Alliance’s unique college and work-readiness curriculum from 1,000 students in the District, to potentially as many as 20,000 students annually in Greater Washington
  • Significantly influence the behavior and priorities of federal, state, and local governments on youth employment and workforce development issues

This expansion will result in improved academic success, substantially higher college enrollment, and a dramatic increase in youth’s prospects for long-term employment.


This investment will end by March 2017. Check back later for the case study.