Venture Philanthropy Partners: Investing in Social Change.


Our investors, a growing community of generous families and institutions, have raised or pledged over $85 million to VPP that has had significant impact and will provide even greater value in the years ahead.

VPP Investor Community

One of Venture Philanthropy Partners’ (VPP) greatest strengths is its remarkable investors—a group of individuals, families, and institutions who have made significant business and philanthropic contributions to the National Capital Region and beyond. Despite differing political and business backgrounds, these investors have all found common ground in VPP’s mission to serve the needs of children of low-income families in the region and to demonstrate a unique approach to effective philanthropy.

VPP’s First Fund

In 2000, VPP’s Founding Investors, a community of extraordinary individuals and families, came together to invest in a bold vision to alter the status quo for children in need of opportunity, and at the same time, create a different, innovative approach to philanthropy. These Founding Investors helped create VPP, provided strategic guidance, and committed in excess of $30 million to capitalize VPP's first fund.

In addition, VPP received funding from Institutional Investors, philanthropic organizations that contributed capital to VPP to advance its mission and help fund VPP investments; Co-Investors, who joined with us in formal or informal partnerships to provide capital and often non-financial support to community-based organizations we select for investment; and the Morino Institute, VPP's Operations Funder, which provided capital to cover the formation and building of the organization and all the operational costs from its inception through Q1 2003. After this time, operations were funded largely from returns on VPP's invested capital.

The Next Decade

VPP and its investment partners marked many milestones in the first ten years, most importantly, significant growth in the number of children and youth of low-income families in our region served with strong programs. VPP has taken the lessons learned from its first fund to strengthen its new portfolio investments, including the youthCONNECT initiative, funded in part by the federal Social Innovation Fund. Old and new individual investors alike have joined VPP in its next phase of work along with corporate, institutional, and public funders.