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Papers and Perspectives: Chairman's Corner

In the Chairman's Corner, Mario Morino, Chairman of Venture Philanthropy Partners, shares his thoughts on VPP's progress, innovations in philanthropy, and the benefits and challenges of building a strong nonprofit sector.

Chairman's Corner columns are first published in VPPNews.


Atlantic Philanthropy's Influence on VPP's Philanthropy
The Evolving Tools of E-Learning
Can You Handle the Truth?
The Next Leap
I’ll Take Great People Over Great Models Any Day
Why We Need a Mass ‘Missouri’ Movement
Doubling Down on Leadership in an Era of Scarcity
For Grantees to Take the Leap, Funders Must Step Up
Let’s Get Down to Business—But Without the ‘Business’ Rhetoric
Saving the Ship by Rocking the Boat
Don’t Check Your Courage at the Door
Listening and Learning Before Leaping Forward
The Inescapable Importance of Culture, Part II
The Inescapable Importance of Culture, Part I
I’d Do It All Over Again
Transparency: Compliance-Driven or Culturally Ingrained?
"Social Outcomes": Lifting Sights, Changing Norms
"Social Outcomes": A Revolution in the Making
"Social Outcomes": The Elephants in the Room
'Social Outcomes': Missing the Forest for the Trees?
Here Comes the Sun, Part 2
Here Comes the Sun
Nurturing the National Reef
The Innovation Imperative
What You Can Do For Your Country
All Hands On Deck
The Extreme Cost of Extreme Politics
Children of Low-Income Families - Forces of Globalization: Two Ships Passing in the Night
To What End? The Importance of Outcomes and Performance
A Longer View of Social Impact
Execution Counts in a World Enamored with Social Innovation
2107: How Will We Be Judged?
Investing and Philanthropy— The What, Why, and How
Business Entrepreneurs and Philanthropy—Contributions and Challenges
Walking the Talk: From Founder-centric to Institutionalized Organization
Doing the Right Thing—A New Year's Resolution
The Private Equity Investing Model: Helping Leaders Build Great Nonprofit Institutions
Some Thoughts About the Buffett-Gates Foundation Philanthropic Action
Corporate Philanthropy
A Definition of Leadership
The COO—An Enigma to Many
Core Ingredients for Successful Grantmaking
Effectiveness: An Elusive and Difficult Concept
Giving Thanks for Hope and Inspiration
A New Rationale for Investing in All Children
Katrina’s Case For Smarter Investment
The Importance and Challenge of Funders as Partners
A Never-Ending Quest to Improve
Ensuring Strong Management: A Board Responsibility
Redefining the Role of High School in America--A Watershed Moment for Education
Looking Back, Looking Forward
Finding the Right Fit
Toward a "Social Services Financial Industry"
Toward Fiscal Sustainability
Giving While Living, A Framework for Personal Philanthropy
Executive Growth is a Journey, Not a Destination
Board Development: It's the Right Thing
A Time for Holiday Thanks
Preserving the Flow of Capital to Charitable Organizations
Who Speaks for Children?
Hard Times Provide New Opportunity for Nonprofits
These Financial Times Require Bold Action
Should Nonprofits Consider Mergers and Consolidations?
The Danger of Cutting After-School Programs
Toward a Stronger Board
Sharing What We Learn
Squeaky Wheels
An Accidental Optimist
Capacity is Not a Luxury
Government Funding Shortfalls
The Value of Leverage
Looking Beyond September 11