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VPP+Raise DC and Education Forward DC Launch the  District Student Wellbeing Data Project

Venture Philanthropy Partners+Raise DC and Education Forward DC are partnering to launch the District Student Wellbeing Data Project to improve student social-emotional outcomes by expanding access to the Panorama Social Emotional Learning Survey in order to provide educators throughout the District with actionable, school-level data to support student needs. Venture Philanthropy Partners+Raise DC and Education Forward DC are excited to be able to provide philanthropic funding to cover the costs of the student survey, with costs being covered fully in year 1, 50% in year 2, and 25% in year 3. 

The District Student Wellbeing Data Project supports LEAs in the District of Columbia serving grades 3-12 that want to use data as a flashlight to better understand student social-emotional needs, how their students are faring in comparison to a citywide baseline, and how their peer LEAs are leveraging systems, supports, and interventions to improve student social-emotional wellbeing. 

After successfully piloting the use of this survey across seven local education agencies (LEAs) in SY20-21, we are expanding this survey to every LEA—starting with a confidential student survey this fall.  

By utilizing the Panorama Social Emotional Learning Survey, LEAs participating in the District Student Wellbeing Data Project will have immediate post-survey access to student responses at school- and student-levels, the ability to compare school-level findings to national averages, get a sense of data trends over time, and identify gaps between groups of students disaggregated by race, gender, or special population indicators. As a Project Team, we commit to center student and school assets and equity in data analysis and reporting.  

In addition to these immediate benefits to LEAs, the District Student Wellbeing Data Project will produce a comprehensive, citywide dataset on social-emotional wellbeing. We will engage a trusted research partner to elevate survey themes to inform education policies, funding recommendations and innovation in social-emotional interventions through a citywide, aggregated baseline report on student social-emotional wellbeing. 

Supporting student wellbeing has long been an educational imperative. Across various measures, student wellbeing has deteriorated during the pandemic, exacerbating previous gaps based on student groups. Recently, teachers and external researchers have identified student wellbeing as one of the most important factors in our ability to address unfinished learning of the pandemic. However, there is currently no universal tool used citywide to provide student- and school-level wellbeing data. The Panorama Social Emotional Learning Survey provides actionable and comparable student- and school-level data to help schools support their students’ social-emotional wellbeing. 

If you would like to utilize the Panorama Social Emotional Learning Survey—or already have a contract with them—and are interested in receiving subsidized support for your license costs over the next three years, please contact Amy Dudas at Venture Philanthropy Partners + Raise DC ( by August 29th.







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