Venture Philanthropy Partners: Investing in Social Change.


VPP believes that investments to build and strengthen organizations are not ends in themselves, but are investments that keep on payingin this case, through stable, more effective providers improving the lives of children, year in and year out.

In 2000, Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP) was created with two goals:

  1. Help great nonprofits leaders in the region grow to serve more children and youth in need more effectively; and
  2. Influence and inspire others with its unique philanthropic investing model.

Fourteen years after inception, we are gaining traction and producing results. In our first portfolio, we raised a fund of $31.4 million, which was committed to twelve high-performing nonprofits. For our second fund, we have made direct investments in five organizations and one collaboration, youthCONNECT.

Watch Shana Payne of College Summit-NCR and Lori Kaplan of the Latin American Youth Center discuss how VPP's youthCONNECT investment has translated into results for youth:

Numbers from the total portfolio

  • $31.4M raised in first fund
  • $32M in additional funds leveraged: more than $1 for $1
  • Over $47M secured in second fund
  • 12 nonprofits in first portfolio; Fivenonprofits and one collaborative investment in the second
  • Around 15,000 more children and youth served