Eleanor Rutland
Chief Operating Officer

One of the best things you can learn in life is to surround yourself with smart and passionate people that know more than you do.

I learned a lot from my career in the banking world. I received a degree in accounting from the University of Maryland (“Fear the Turtle”) and worked for Riggs Bank for almost 20 years. I progressed and learned a lot along the way, and was elevated to the position of Senior Vice President and Controller for the corporation – and CFO of Riggs & Co., the investment management, trust, and private banking unit within the organization.

My father was an incredibly committed, dedicated, hardworking, and loyal man. He and my remarkable, patient mother raised seven girls, after all. I know I learned so much from my dad related to my work ethic. In many respects, I’m my father in a skirt.

I always enjoyed math so I thought that accounting would be a good career path for me. I know, “nerd alert”. I have been able to apply the skills and disciplines I have learned through my career in accounting and finance to all aspects of my work – corporate or nonprofit.

I often think how fortunate I am that my experience from the banking world has real value to the nonprofit sector. I’m able to bring that to VPP, to have a direct impact on organizations that do such great work.

I’ve been here since the beginning so I’ve been fortunate to have seen the evolution of the VPP firsthand. What an incredible journey and to witness what our organizations have achieved for the young people of our region, simply amazing!

Be generous in life. Be appreciative of what you have. It’s important to really appreciate what we have because there’s so much need.