Yvonne Favors
Business Manager

My job is to keep everybody happy and VPP operationally running smoothly. I wear many hats, and all are important and a priority.

I successfully, with help from the team, make sure our team has fun and plan quarterly outings. It turns out, as a team, we enjoy many of the same things you do to have fun outside of the professional realm.

This is the first nonprofit I have worked for, and it was a very different culture to get familiar with when I first came on board. I have always worked for large companies where everybody has a very specific job to focus on and there was very little interaction with other departments on a daily basis. When I came here, I had to understand not only what everyone did on a daily basis but also how to manage my role dealing with multiple departments daily.

I have two dogs that are like humans. He thinks he runs my life, really – and I think I run his.

I am wired to fix and improve; it is just in my DNA. It drives me crazy when I cannot fix something.

It is what it is. That is something I live by. Good or bad, you just deal with it and move on.

I love to start new processes that are going to improve the current process and introduce new technology that is going to make us run like a well-oiled machine.

I always have been fortunate enough to get a job where they see my potential and would push me. I would not be here today if I did not work hard and have an excellent work ethic.

I have been told, “You need to go home and have a glass of wine and unwind.” I am like, “How do you do that and get what you need to be done around the house?” I do not relax enough.

I love to go to the beach. Rehoboth is my favorite out of those I have visited thus far in life. I could retire there (as of today) someday.

Coming to work for VPP was meant to be; talk about a perfect fit. They were very mission-driven and had room for me to grow and learn. Absolutely no regrets!!!